Film Four & Film Four +1 12-11-08.

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Time Lock (PG) 1957 Suspense thriller about a boy who manages to get himself locked in a bank vault. With 63 hours before the device opens, the authorities are left facing a race against time to free the lad before he runs out of air and suffers a horrible end. Starring Robert Beatty, Betty McDowall, Vincent Winter, Lee Patterson and a young Sean Connery in an early role (888)

The Eve of St Mark (PG) 1944 A man's romance is brought to an abrupt halt when he's drafted to fight in World War Two. Assigned to the Philippines, he ends up stranded on a small and desolate island but letters from his love back home give him the will to survive. Drama, starring William Eythe and Anne Baxter, alongside Michael O'Shea and Vincent Price (888)

Lady for a Night (PG) 1942 The female owner of a gambling den marries into an aristocratic family from America's Deep South in an effort to climb the social ladder but soon realises she should have married for love, not money. Period comedy, starring John Wayne and Joan Blondell

Howards End (PG) 1992 Acclaimed Merchant-Ivory period drama based on EM Forster's novel about the conflict between two families from vastly different backgrounds who become fatefully entwined. Starring Emma Thompson in an Oscar-winning role alongside Anthony Hopkins, Vanessa Redgrave, Helena Bonham Carter and Sam West (888)

The Full Monty (15) 1997 Blockbusting British comedy about a group of hard-up unemployed Yorkshiremen who try to make ends meet by becoming strippers, proving there still is steel in Sheffield. Robert Carlyle stars as the leader of the unlikely dance troupe, while Mark Addy, Tom Wilkinson, Hugo Speer and Paul Barber are among those mastering the art of stripping in time to music not to mention giving their self-esteem a boost into the bargain (888)

Mischief Night (15) 2006 Penny Woolcock's refreshingly realistic comedy drama set in Leeds gives an insight into the racial divisions that exist within contemporary Britain. Kelli Hollis stars as Tina, a single parent living on a culturally diverse housing estate where tensions and revelations bubble to the surface in the lead up to mischief night. With Michael Taylor and Holly Kenny (888)

Boys on the Side (15) 1995 Comedy drama about a lesbian nightclub singer, an HIV-positive estate agent and a pregnant rebel whose chance meeting unites them in a remarkable journey of love and self-fulfilment. Whoopi Goldberg, Mary-Louise Parker and Drew Barrymore star as the trio, with Matthew McConaughey and James Remar (888)

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