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Thread: DOS Atmel Flashing from bootable CD-ROM

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    Post DOS Atmel Flashing from bootable CD-ROM

    By experience, flashing a 2313 unlooper from DOS works more reliably than from
    Windows (XP-Flasher). But working with a 3.5" legacy bootable floppy disk:
    • Is slow and unreliable.
    • Creates a grinding noise.
    • Causes mechanical attrition to both, the floppy-disk an the
      diskette reader.

    To avoid these problems, I have created a bootable CD-ROM image, containing some
    extra infos and tools. As the size of the bootabale image is (still) restricted to
    1.44 MBs, I replaced some of the older H/P2 flashes from the classical Energizer bouqet,
    by the single M62.exe (tailored for the Mikobu-III).

    This images boots with drive A:. After booting, change manually to directory
    "flashes" and start the .exe of your choice.

    Command: "TYPE Settings.txt" displays a short info about the
    DIP switch settings for flashing and for runtime.

    A version for the new extended Kypro-Tucker with the 100 Mhz XC9536XL-PC44
    CPLD from Italian Duolabs will follow soon.

    The archive in the attachment contains the .ISO for a bootable CD-ROM.

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    Re: DOS Atmel Flashing from bootable CD-ROM

    Have you tried XP_Atmel_Flasher 2.0A?

    Works OK for me with WinXP SP2.

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    Post Re: XP-Atmel Flasher

    An "XP-Atmel Flasher" is also in the cdfs part of that CD-ROM ISO. I tried it out,
    it works sometimes, but it's not quite as reliable as the version started from
    genuine DOS.

    This might be due to the time critical respones required for flashing, and the
    strong background overhead caused by the Windows operating system.
    The results depend also on the mainboard type and the RS232 drivers.

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