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Thread: How to get Encrypted Music Channels??

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    How to get Encrypted Music Channels??

    Hi guys,,,
    COmpliments to all for this site, one of my favorites!
    I'd like to watch Music Channels, but I own a Skystar 2 and only Astra+Hotbird and Progdvb with the last vPlug+kids+keys.
    Since September I cannot watch anymore tps and my favorite music channels (M6 Music Hits/Black Fun tv and even MCM top ecct.)
    I know they are migrated to Astra and with the last kids+keys I still watch France 2/4/5 (I don't know why France 3 is disappered!).
    I watch actually 4fun tv/Njr hits/tv Persia/Iran tv/Radio Italia/All music I mean all FTA.
    Is anybody help me to add "encrypted music channels" with any kind of vPlug or keys to insert into my Progdvb??
    Tkanks a lot in advance for any suggestions!

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    Re: How to get Encrypted Music Channels??

    Hi tasto 2003

    No more chances for you to get this one vith prgdvb + vplug in this time.
    You have to wait january 2008 but only to hope that you can reveive something with vplug. Providers will change many cryto in dénember 2007 and then we should try to get new crypted channels.

    You can install a card reader on you pcsat card and buy a carde like abracadabra or vista but i don't know if you can find the plugin for thoses with prodvb...

    You can try to use Card Sharing but you need to find good peers. Have a loock here and you can find more info and what about fr3 whith vplug. (french)

    Sorry for this bad new but wait & see

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    Re: How to get Encrypted Music Channels??

    Ok thank a lot Laitram U are very kind.
    Well, I actually can get France 2/3/4/5 with the right vkeys+sids and the seca file. I'm not interested to get abracadabra card because it's too expensive!I own another receiver , I mean this one: Head SD2700 Black Panther but I can't get the tps French channels, even France 2/3/4/5 that I normally get with my Skystar 2+Progdvb! I'm going crazy....I know I have to wait for the "new tps's hacking" but I need to get again tps French Channels, I mean "All" French Channels, so M6 Music Hits/Black/Rock Fun tv that I stopped to get in the last month of September 2008!!!!!!!!
    How many months do I have to wait to have again tps' channels on my Progdvb??????????????????

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