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Thread: Can I upgrade my SAMSUNG DSR9500 EM VIA?

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    Unhappy Can I upgrade my SAMSUNG DSR9500 EM VIA?

    Hi All,

    I got this sammy

    Loader Version:505
    Main Software Version:133
    Hardware Version:503

    I tried several times to upgrade it via the latest firmware SamsungDSR9500_RVGOLD_V8.2.bin with DSR Studio 1.4 but unfortunately it always failed.

    Upgrade process starts but block after proc 3-09 on LCD screen.Same issue with
    SemcoEditor204."Time out connection error" when I want to flash.

    As far I understand we can only flash with boot loader 501/504 and not upper version ?

    In this case how to downgrade to right version please.

    Thanks to your help,I dont want to JTAG my Sammy

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    Re: Can I upgrade my SAMSUNG DSR9500 EM VIA?

    Me too I want to upgrade my EM VIA, 505-129-503
    Can not figure out if my com port is well configured.

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