Hello to everybody,

well this is my introduction, i am temporarily in nord africa, normally i am in middle europe. interested in sat TV, a little bit searching for decoding of chanels but not active. unfortunatelly this is very time consuming hobby and with my work it is not possible to go into it very seriously. i assume myself as a smart user who can understand and who can repair/update his set when necessary. i am also interested in programing of smartcards or producing clones but not research, better said searching for flash and programing soft.
i use Starsat 4200D with card reader in algeria, IPBOX250PVR in europe. positions i like are 19,2 , hotbird and 1W. interested in receiving TPS, C+ and DIGI TV packages.

well, thats all for moment, i hope to bring some ideas here and thank for all people for sharing opinions, informations and know how.