Film Four & Film Four +1 14-11-08.

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1.00pm You Belong to Me
1941 Barbara Stanwyck stars as a successful doctor whose husband (Henry Fonda) has too much time on his hands, and begins to develop an unhealthy jealousy towards her male patients. When she encourages her spouse to find a job to occupy himself, it becomes evident the only thing he is qualified for is the position of department store clerk, which doesn't do much for his ego. Romantic comedy, with Roger Clark and Melville Cooper

2.55pm Moonrise
1948 A man is haunted by the fact that his late father was a murderer, something no-one will ever let him forget. His problems are further compounded when he accidentally kills a bully — and realising people will think it was malicious, he decides to hide the body. Taut film-noir, starring Dane Clark, Gail Russell and Ethel Barrymore

4.50pm North to Alaska
1960 A gold prospector in Alaska sets out for Washington to bring back his partner's fiancee — only to discover she's married someone else. Comedy adventure which keeps its tongue firmly in cheek, starring John Wayne alongside Stewart Granger, Capucine and Ernie Kovacs

7.10pm The Man Who Knew Too Little
1997 Dim-witted American Bill Murray heads to London to visit his wealthy brother, who's arranged for him to participate in a murder mystery break — but unwittingly gets involved with real killers, enemy agents and corrupt government officials bent on mayhem. Good-natured comedy, with Joanne Whalley and Peter Gallagher

9.00pm Blade: Trinity
2004 The Daywalker finds himself in the frame for a series of killings, forcing him to join two fellow vampire hunters to clear his name. However, the trio have their hands full when the trail leads to the reawakened king of vampires — Dracula. Horror sequel, starring Wesley Snipes, Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds and Kris Kristofferson

11.10pm Hostage
2005 A washed-up former hostage negotiator returns to regular police work, but later finds himself forced to draw on his old skills in a bid to save a crooked accountant's children, who have been taken prisoner in their own home by psychotic delinquents. Thriller, starring Bruce Willis, Kevin Pollak, Ben Foster and Jonathan Tucker

1.20am Serial Mom
1994 Superior black comedy, with Kathleen Turner giving a hilarious star turn as an all-American housewife, who takes protecting her family to extreme measures. In between keeping a perfect home and raising the children, she takes to tormenting and bumping off all those who can't live up to her high standards, often dispatching them in extremely gruesome ways. Directed and written by John Waters and co-starring Ricki Lake, Sam Waterston and Matthew Lillard. Music fans should watch out for a rowdy cameo from one-time grunge queens L7

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