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Thread: Encrypted Music channels????

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    Encrypted Music channels????

    Hi all
    I actually watch seca-mediaguard pack, I mean France 2/3/4/5 but not M6 Music Hits/Black/Rock and Fun tv on the same package. I own a Skystar 2 with the last vPlug+kids+keys+seca.mdl (this last one in the module folder).
    Could anybody help me please to watch these encrypted music channels??
    Thank U in advance!

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    Re: Encrypted Music channels????

    you can wath it only with card

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    Re: Encrypted Music channels????

    Ok thank U for the answer simolast but tell me more: I heard (on this site) that they are cc cam and servers and softcam+keys U know, so may I have to put these file in my Progdvb folders to get these channels or not??What could U suggest me if I have not got a card??

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    Re: Encrypted Music channels????

    Any replies??Please,,,,I need to watch encrypted Music channels on Astra+Hotbird, and I only have a Skystar 2 with Progdvb standard.

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