Spain: New iTV association

AEDETI is the name of a new Spanish association for the promotion and extension of digital interactive TV in this country.

The association's goal is to promote the development of interactive television in Spain in all its ways either satellite, cable, DSL TV or DTT as well as mobile TV.

AEDETI wants to be an intermediary between governments (local, regional and national) and the companies developing interactivity technology. It will also pursue collaborations with similar associations from other European countries.

AEDETI's president is Joan Rosés, Activa Multimèdia's CEO. This company is owned by Catalan public broadcaster Televisió de Catalunya (TVC). Activa Multimèdia is one of Spain's two main interactive TV companies (the other being Mirada).

AEDETIS's promoting core is formed by representatives of Spain's main network operator Abertis Telecom, the mentioned Activa Multimèdia, Informática El Corte Inglés, Indra, maat Gknowledge, Magic Box, Mirada, SDI Digital and T-Mira.

At the beginning of next month the association will celebrate its first yearly meeting in the Manchega town of Alcázar de San Juan, where the second Congress of Alcázar Digital will also take place. In this Congress the protagonists of Spain's digital TV industry will debate the future of new television: HDTV over DTT, pay over DTT, interactivity, PVRs and so on.