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Thread: where are you Gamma Team

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    where are you Gamma Team

    showtime down many times on our Gamma Card
    just ART work no Showtime on most of Gamma card in medile east
    Are Gamma time is ended realy ?

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    Re: where are you Gamma Team

    Hi mate!
    Well mate you still don't get it?
    It's all abot money..... gamma card is not for sale quite long time ago.... so no money coming in...... of course it is beggining of the end
    But I hope Irdeto 2 providers gona be avaliable on Diablo, abracadabra or even patches

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    Re: where are you Gamma Team

    not abracabacadabra card this is going the same way as all cards, cams, etc.
    those persons just bring up a hack and after there is no more money come in they stop the support leaving the most people without nothing, not even tools how to update or write the firmware from those cards. good example k3, k2 etc..., one good hack on seca make a lot off money in a view month and disapear like nothing has happen, the only thing they where a lot off more reacher then when did not appear, so first before you buy a card, the firmware has to be also public, no a public software do not buy it, they are the only ones who knows how to update and create new files.

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