MSN Germany offers free internet movies

US software company Microsoft has launched a new service offering a purely advertising-financed online video library on its German MSN portal.

Around 100 full-length movies, television series, documentaries and cartoons are available in the initial stage. The offer includes the drama Good Will Hunting (1997), action film Blade (1998), tragicomedy Chasing Amy (1997) and science fiction film Lost in Space (1998), amongst others.

The content can only be streamed, but not downloaded. Before each film advertisements are shown and approximately every 10 minutes thereafter. As with conventional television, a maximum of 12 minutes advertising per hour will be screened.

In contrast to other German online video libraries such as maxdome and Videoload, which offer paid-for services, MSN viewers donít have to give their credit card or other details in order to access the offer.