Film Four & Film Four +1 19-11-08.

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1.00pm The House on Telegraph Hill

1951 A concentration camp survivor assumes the identity of her dead friend and travels to San Francisco to stay with the deceased woman's distant family. However, her appearance scuppers the plans of a devious man to get his hands on a hefty inheritance, and he embarks on a mission to woo and then murder the new arrival. Atmospheric thriller, starring Valentina Cortese, Richard Basehart and William Lundigan

2.50pm Moonrise

1948 A man is haunted by the fact that his late father was a murderer, something no-one will ever let him forget. His problems are further compounded when he accidentally kills a bully and realising people will think it was malicious, he decides to hide the body. Taut film-noir, starring Dane Clark, Gail Russell and Ethel Barrymore

4.40pm North to Alaska

1960 A gold prospector in Alaska sets out for Washington to bring back his partner's fiancee only to discover she's married someone else. Comedy adventure which keeps its tongue firmly in cheek, starring John Wayne alongside Stewart Granger, Capucine and Ernie Kovacs

7.00pm Congo

1995 An expedition sent into the jungles of Zaire in search of King Solomon's diamond mines disappears without trace. The tycoon behind the mission sends his assistant, a former CIA agent, to discover what became of them. Travelling with a group of explorers, she discovers the previous party have met with a grisly fate at the hands of a horde of intelligent bloodthirsty apes. Thriller, starring Dylan Walsh, Laura Linney and Tim Curry

9.00pm Blade: Trinity

2004 The Daywalker finds himself in the frame for a series of killings, forcing him to join two fellow vampire hunters to clear his name. However, the trio have their hands full when the trail leads to the reawakened king of vampires Dracula. Horror sequel, starring Wesley Snipes, Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds and Kris Kristofferson

11.10pm The Football Factory
2004 Powerful and brutal documentary-style drama following a soccer fan immersed in a violent counter-culture, who begins questioning his actions when he's plagued by nightmares. Danny Dyer, Frank Harper, Neil Maskell and Tamer Hassan star

12.55am Human Traffic

1999 A group of friends get together for their weekly devil-may-care ritual of dancing and drug-taking during a busy Friday night on the Cardiff club scene. Justin Kerrigan's semi-autobiographical music-fuelled drama highlights the aimless but enjoyable aspects of modern culture in uncompromising and innovative style. Starring John Simm, Lorraine Pilkington and Danny Dyer, with a cameo from DJ Carl Cox

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