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Thread: SKY channel unlock and box office

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    Question SKY channel unlock and box office

    hi there i have been hearing that people have unlocked channels on their satelite receiver and i dont understand how this is very confusing.

    here is what i know

    you need a channel list but i dont know where to get it from how to get it on my box and how to use it.

    TPS heard that very often dont know what it is what it does and how i get int on my box.

    what box should i buy and where do i get it from?

    i am redy to buy a new box i think one of them dreambox things but i dont want to spend 100 pounds on a box that doesnt work for me so could you please help.

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    Re: SKY channel unlock and box office

    homie u need a dream box 500s or 7000 s and ull get all the chanels unlocked from premiere to sky and much and much more all u have to do is bay the dream box put the software into it and connect to the server u got many several servers that are free and connect it to the internet and thats it u got the chanels

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    Re: SKY channel unlock and box office

    please where can i get free server

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    how do i do this do i need any extra cables ???

    What software do i need and where do i get it from ???

    Server ?? how does this work and what server ???
    do i have to leave the box connected to my pc or internet modem ???

    u can see i dont know any thing about this.

    please help.

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    Question Re: SKY channel unlock and box office

    bought a dreambox from ebay seller said he will unlock it and every thing but the only thing i need to do is enter key every few months and i got software called sar key finderit gives me keys for premiere put has it got sky and if what is it called e.g NAGRA 2, IRDETO 2....

    plzzzz help

    how do i enter keys?????????

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