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Thread: Copy original nova card...???

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    Copy original nova card...???

    Hi to all members!!
    I am new to this forum and excuse me If I ask anything that seems foolish...
    I have an original nova card and I would like to copy it to a Gammacard so I can buy an extra nova receiver and plate and watch nova from a second house also,is it possible..??
    I already bought a Gammacard and a Duolabs Progbee programmer but I don't know how to copy the original card to the gammacard.
    Should I follow the instructions that I have found in this forum for a Gammacard programming or is it different since I have an excisting contract and service through nova..?
    Can anybody help me...???
    Thank you all!!

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    Re: Copy original nova card...???

    What you want to do is not possible - at least in the public domain.
    Only the gammacard authors can do this :(
    They have the ability to read the keys from the original card and know the keys/algorithm to write them to the gammacard.

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