Catalan b'caster wants to reinstate HD

Catalan public broadcaster Televisió de Catalunya (TVC) which among others distributes TV3, wants to recuperate its high definition tests on DTT after giving them up last summer.

TVC stopped the broadcasts because the inclusion in its multiplex of Valenciano autonomous public channel Canal9 meant there was no longer sufficient capacity for the tests.

But TVC now plans to ask the central government for formal permission to continue with its HD tests on DTT on a third multiplex of the UHF band. This third MUX has been the spectrum the Ministry of Industry gave TVC for its interchange broadcasting services with the autonomous region of Comunidad Valenciana. That enables the Catalan people to watch the Comunidad Valenciana's channels and vice versa with Cataluña's channels in Comunidad Valenciana.

TV3 HD was the first Spanish channel to broadcast high definition images on DTT. Now the only Spanish channel broadcasting this type of tests is the Aragon's autonomous TV channel Televisión de Aragón which also tests on DTT.