Giga TV to run MHEG-5 interactivity

The German gaming and computer channel Giga TV has entered into a cooperation with TechniSat to develop interactive services using the MHEG-5 standard, according to the news service Digitalmagazin. The partners will jointly develop new digital services for the additional channels.

“Together with the developers of TechniSat we will begin offering editorial enhancements using MHEG-5,” said Giga’s managing director Stephan Borg, “We will make sure that everything is as easy as possible. When viewers press a button on their remote control, we will offer them exiting information including information on new games, competitions, new URLs of web sites, and so on.”

MPEG-5 is new to the German market. Until now, the only interactive services by German broadcasters have run in the MHP standard, but very few people are using it. In the past, the two public broadcasters ARD and ZDF heavily promoted these interactive digital services but with little result.

Giga TV and TechiSat are optimistic about their changes aiming at a young and tech savvy audience. Giga TV has an average reach of 300,000 viewers a day.