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«NeW» Pr***ere Packages and Bundesliga!

Kabelkiosk - Atlantic Bird 2/Telecom 2D (8°W) -
Pr***ere - Astra 1G (19.2E) -***ere.php (only channels broadcasted Conax)

IMPORTANT: Kabelkiosk on 8°W is not sending down the TIME and DATE. To activate the CAM go to another
Crypted channel on different trasponder where the CAM can get the DATE (example SexView or FreeXTV)

«KeyUpdate» Sex View updated data.bin included

XclusiVe E M Us
»All Vers.« Irdeto2: Free X TV - Hotbird 6/7A/8 (13°E)
»All Vers.« Irdeto2: LA7 - Atlantic Bird 1 (12.5°W)

»Version 2.3 ONLY« Irdeto2: Sex View - Hotbird 6/7A/8 (13°E)
»Version 2.3 ONLY« Conax: Pr***ere - Astra 1G (19.2E)
»Version 2.3 ONLY« Conax: Kabelkiosk - Atlantic Bird 2/Telecom 2D (8°W)
»Version 2.3 ONLY« Conax: Canaal Digital Nord