Orange revamps its web TV channels

During an award presentation Didier Lombard, Chairman, CEO of France Telecom Orange, announced a revamp of the Orange WebTV channels. Lombard presented awards to the winners of the 2008 competition, “Orange TV, simplifying the digital revolution so that nobody is afraid to use it.”

The topic pf the competition was “innovation told by innovators”. Some 140 Orange Labs researchers made 3-minute videos, revealing what goes on behind the scenes of the digital revolution with an amusing and educational approach.

“This first competition has confirmed the Orange researchers’ ability in disseminating digital culture to everybody,” the company said. Consequently, it has been decided to make this an annual event.

Poland, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and France united to simplify their research objectives and explain the great innovations that are revolutionising our daily lives. In this context, 50 videos were made all through the summer, 11 clips were nominated and, today 6 of them have won awards after a private viewing bringing together representatives of the innovation ecosystem.

Following the awards ceremony, details were issued of the new web Tv service. From January 2009, Orange webTV will consist of 9 webchannels on a revised French/English portal, which will be launched in the main countries where the group is present:

* News: A weekly televised news programme presented by Laura du Web and a “best of” featuring the favourite videos of Internet users
* The “Basics” channel to revise the classics concerning the great technologies and the new uses that make life easier
* The “Futures” channel looking forward to the breakthroughs expected in the next 5 to 10 years, which will completely transform our daily lives
* The “World sensors” channel to inform us about the leading-edge innovations all over the world
* The “Here and now” channel to experience and participate in the great events occurring in the digital universe
* And finally, 4 themed channels featuring innovation and illustrated with news clips: “Mobile”, “Connected Home”, “Entertainment” and “e-health”.