TeleSat gives launch details

The Belgian DTH platform TéléSat has given details of next month’s launch following the earlier announcement of its distribution contract with Eutelsat. The operator plans a ’soft launch’ in the last weeks of the year, mainly to people who have already expressed interest in the product. Early in 2009, TéléSat will launch a full marketing effort to sell the new service, which is aimed at French speaking Belgians.

The platform will distribute the main Belgian French language channels from public broadcaster RTBF and commercial broadcaster RTL from the Eutelsat Hot Bird neighbourhood, but will sell monoblock duo-LNBs to enable simultaneous reception of Astra at 19 degrees East.

This will give viewers access to a large number of French language channels including the public channels from France Television, as well as thematic channels from CanalSat. At the same time, viewers can take advantage of the large number of FTA channels available on the two satellite positions.

TéléSat has developed all-in-one packs containing a satellite receiver, a dish with LNB and the MediaGuard smart card.