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Thread: Please help with hivion hd 9090x codes!!!!!!!!!!

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    Exclamation Please help with hivion hd 9090x codes!!!!!!!!!!

    Can anyone help me please????????
    I dont Know how to enter the Softcam biss keys in my Hivion HD 9090x Ultima...
    Here's my problem explained:
    the soft cam Biss keys are:
    F 296C0540 00 473E0A8F54531CC3 ;Zee TV (13E)
    F 296C0540 01 EADD29F0901F5A09 ;Zee TV (13E)
    F 2980053E 00 E5351C36DF31A6B6 ;Zee Cinema (13E)
    F 2980053E 01 F564D62FD7E2DE97 ;Zee Cinema (13E)

    while Hivion accepts Biss keys only in this format:
    B 2135 00 483926A710758409 ; RAI AFRICA
    B 1701 00 1234569CABCDEF67 ; fox tv srb
    B 0003 00 A02123E43546148F ; NTV Spor

    So please help me.........
    Where can i find this biss keys updated....
    or how to convert the softcam.....

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    Re: Please help with hivion hd 9090x codes!!!!!!!!!!

    please helpppp!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Exclamation Re: Please help with hivion hd 9090x codes!!!!!!!!!!

    look in a softcam key - there are biss keys listed, too

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    Re: Please help with hivion hd 9090x codes!!!!!!!!!!

    Try this& i'm sure it will Wok. i'm using this with my HV-9090x.
    Menu...> STB Setting (just select, don't press OK) and Enter 1234 fast.

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    Re: Please help with hivion hd 9090x codes!!!!!!!!!!

    to add codes to the Hivion HD9090-X key file here is all you need to do

    firstly a code file for the Hivion is called


    this file is a keylist.txt file (as used in Evocamd simply renamed)

    therefore if you download a file called keylist.txt

    then edit it adding your lines in a keylist format then you can use them

    please note in a Softcam key Control words start F???????? where the "?" are replaced by the transport data

    in keylists Control words start B???? but a single line of softcam data runs over two lines so for example

    Polsat Play reads
    B332E 00 D839F00116E4CBC5D1A369DDE5BAEE8D
    (in keylist.txt format)
    F322E001B 00 D839F00116E4CBC5
    F322E001B 01 D1A369DDE5BAEE8D
    (in softcam.key format)

    as I said take any keylist.txt file and change the name to _k_data.sgn and it will then load into the Hivion HD9090X Ultima

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    Re: Please help with hivion hd 9090x codes!!!!!!!!!!

    i have an iclass 9696x pvr. it is like hivion.
    i can upload keylist.key (keylist.txt renamed) files using usb. all things seems to be correct but when i go to cas -> F1 the key codes does not changed. where is the problem?

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