DVB-T2 receiver details to be released

The PSB T2 Programme Office is this week expected to release details to manufacturers of the receiver requirements for the DVB-T2 transmission standard. The office, run by the BBC, has been working with the Digital TV Group that is itself expected to sign off a new version of the D-Book before the end of the year. Now in its sixth edition, the D-Book has become the guide for receiver manufacturers, and the UK digital terrestrial system itself.

Many of the new features that feature in the D-Book have already been implemented on Freesat free-to-air digital satellite service. These include high definition interactive TV, better programme navigation and a tighter conformance regime.

Silicon manufacturers are thought to be well advanced with plans to incorporate DVB-T2 ahead of the launch of HD services in the fourth quarter of 2009. BBC Research & Innovation tested its first DVB-T2 receiver in June following approval by the DVB Project.

The DTG is anticipating four to six man-years work over the next six months. It will then go on to develop the conformance regime to which operators on the DTT system will be expected to comply.