Film Four & Film Four +1 26-11-08.

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Film Four

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Freedom Radio (PG) 1940 World War Two melodrama about a Viennese doctor's reaction to the Nazi regime. At first, he attempts to maintain business as usual and ignore the increasing brutality around him. However, events take a sickening turn when his wife begins wholeheartedly espousing Hitler's views prompting him to start broadcasting Allied propaganda from a secret transmitter. Starring Clive Brook, Diana Wynyard, Raymond Huntley and Derek Farr (888)

Golden Boy (U) 1938 Drama about the dilemma facing a youngster equally skilled at boxing and playing the violin. Starring William Holden, Barbara Stanwyck and Adolphe Menjou

The Lady Vanishes (PG) 1979 A traveller befriends an elderly lady during a train journey, but she suddenly disappears, and he embarks on a search for her. However, the other passengers deny ever seeing the missing woman leading to suspicions that a conspiracy is afoot. Remake of Hitchcock's classic 1938 mystery, starring Elliott Gould, Cybill Shepherd, Herbert Lom, Arthur Lowe and Ian Carmichael (888)

Holy Man (PG) 1998 TV evangelist Eddie Murphy is hired to boost the ratings of a downmarket shopping channel but as viewing figures soar and the preacher's fame grows, he begins to realise he's betraying his principles. Satirical comedy, also starring Jeff Goldblum as a soulless TV executive prompted to re-evaluate his life. With Kelly Preston, Robert Loggia and Jon Cryer (888)

Resident Evil (15) 2002 A team of commandos enters a top-secret underground research facility when a deadly virus which turns sufferers into flesh-eating zombies is accidentally released. But their containment mission soon spirals out of control as a rogue super-intelligent computer, not to mention hordes of the marauding undead, wreaks bloody havoc. Thriller, starring Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez and James Purefoy (888)

La Cienaga (15) 2000 Long-hidden domestic disputes come to light as two Argentinian families struggle to cope with a record-breaking heatwave. Stylish, allegorical drama, starring Mercedes Moran, Graciela Borges and Martin Adjemian star

Tell Them Who You Are (15) 2004 Intriguing documentary charting Oscar-winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler's fraught relationship with his son who is also the director of this honest account. Insights into similar Hollywood families come courtesy of Jane Fonda and Conrad L Hall

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