Orange to offer mobile HDTV on Unik phones

Orange will start to offer mobile TV in HD quality to users of the hybrid mobile/fixed Unik handsets from next month. A total of 60 channels will be available. The hybrid phones will automatically connect to the LiveBox at home or any Orange Hotspot across France. When no wi-fi connectivity is available, the phone will switch to the 3G network.

The TV channels will be available on the UMA Orange 3G platform, which was launched last September. There are a total of 60 channels available, with viewers having unlimited access to 20 included in the subscription. For the moment, the service will only be available on the KF757 from LG and on the Sony Ericsson G705U.

Orange currently has one million Unik subscribers. The channels are available on the Orange TV Player or, if the hand set does not support the software, on the Orange World portal.