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True Movies 1

Justice for Annie: A Moment of Truth Movie (Film)
Based on a true story. Following the mysterious death of her daughter, a woman begins to suspect that her child was murdered as part of an insurance scam. With Peggy Lipton.
Director: Noel Nosseck
Starring: Peggy Lipton, Danica McKellar, Terry David Mulligan, Gwynyth Walsh, Teryl Rothery, Lochlyn Munro
(Made For TV, 1996, PG, 3 Star)

A Message From Holly (Film)
A dying woman asks her friend to take care of her 6 year old when she is gone. Lindsay Wagner and Shelley Long star in A Message From Holly.
Director: Rod Holcomb
Starring: Lindsay Wagner, Shelley Long, Anne Jeffreys, Molly Orr, Gary Bayer, MacDonald Carey
(Made For TV, 1992, PG, 2 Star)

In a Child's Name (Film)
In this Golden Globe-nominated mini-series, a woman fights for custody of her nephew after her sister is murdered by her abusive husband. Starring Valerie Bertinelli and Michael Ontkean.
Director: Tom McLoughlin
Starring: Valerie Bertinelli, Michael Ontkean, Timothy Carhart, David Huddleston, John Karlen, Caroline Kava
(Part 1 of 2, Made For TV, 1991, 12, 2 Star)

Deadly Whispers (Film)
Pretty, flirtatious Kathy Acton was a 19 year old who thought nothing of having an affair with a married man. Then one day she went missing...With Tony Danza.
Director: Bill L. Norton
Starring: Tony Danza, Pamela Reed, Ving Rhames, Heather Tom, Camryn Manheim, Sean Haberle
(1994, 15, 3 Star)

Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story (Film)
This is the story of Elizabeth Taylor's rise to stardom, her dominating mother's influence and her many loves and divorces. Stars Nigel Havers and Sherilyn Fenn.
Director: Kevin Connor
Starring: Sherilyn Fenn, Nigel Havers, Katherine Helmond, Angus Macfadyen, Kevin McCarthy, Michael Shure
(Part 1 of 2, Made For TV, 1995, 15, 3 Star)

Death of a Cheerleader (Film)
Based on a true story. A cheerleader's death challenges a whole community for its sense of values and the intense pressure it puts on its pupils. With Tori Spelling.
Director: Billy Graham, William A. Graham
Starring: Kellie Martin, Tori Spelling, James Avery, Eugene Roche, Andy Romano, Margaret Langrick
(Made For TV, 1994, U, 3 Star)

Deep in My Heart (Film)
A trio of great actresses unite their talents for this powerful true story of an adopted woman's search for her roots. With Anne Bancroft, Lynn Whitfield and Gloria Reuben.
Director: Anita Addison
Starring: Gloria Reuben, Anne Bancroft, Lynn Whitfield, Alice Krige, Cara Buono, Olivia Kassardjian
(Made For TV, 1999, PG, 4 Star)

For the Love of a Child (Film)
This award-winning drama tells the story of two exceptional women whose lives were transformed by their world-wide work with abused, neglected and abandoned children. With Peri Gilpen.
Director: Douglas Barr
Starring: Peri Gilpin, Teri Polo, Maria Del Mar, John Pyper-Ferguson, Matthew Knight, Emily Hirst
(2006, PG, 3 Star)

Death in Small Doses (Film)
Taut mystery surrounding a woman's death by arsenic poisoning. The state prosecutor knows that the dead woman had obtained arsenic herself, but is still faced with the difficult job of discovering whether her death was suicide or murder. The prime suspects include her husband and his brother, with whom she was having an affair.
Director: Sondra Locke
Starring: Richard Thomas, Tess Harper, Glynnis O'Connor, Shawn Elliott, Gary Frank, Matthew Posey
(Made For TV, 1995, 15, 3 Star)

Soul of the Game (Film)
During the American Revolution, two generals became prominent; George Washington and Benedict Arnold. This is the true story of Arnold's life, loves and bitter rivalry with Washington.
Director: Kevin Rodney Sullivan
Starring: Delroy Lindo, Mykelti Williamson, Edward Herrmann, Blair Underwood, R. Lee Ermey, Salli Richardson
(Made For TV, 1996, 12, 4 Star)

Love + Hate (Film)
Based on a true story. A woman endures years of abuse from her wealthy politician husband. But worse is to come after a fierce custody battle for their children.
Director: Dominic Savage
Starring: Miriam Ali, Dean Andrews, Samina Awan, Liam Barr, Liam Boyle, Nichola Burley
(Part 1 of 2, 2005, 15, 3 Star)

Will There Really Be A Morning?
The portrait of '40s actress Frances Farmer traces her fast and frantic life from childhood, her early success to her mental and physical breakdown. With Susan Blakely (Rich Man, Poor Man).

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True Movies 2

Summer Dreams: The Story Of The Beach Boys (Film)
This entertaining musical biopic chronicles the rise to fame of The Beach Boys and the clashes between its members that inspired their greatest hits. Starring Bruce Greenwood, Greg Kean.
Director: Michael Switzer
Starring: Bruce Greenwood, Greg Kean, Arlen Dean Snyder, Casey Sander, Bo Foxworth, Linda Dona
(1990, PG, 2 Star)

Widows (Drama)
Lynda LA Plantes.
The widows of three notorious criminals join forces to find their husband's killers and finish off the job hey started before it all went wrong! Stars Brooke Shields.
(Part 2 of 2, Last In Series)

Evil in Clear River (Film)
Based on a true story. A concerned mother's fears are realised when it transpires that a respected local teacher and mayor is preaching anti-semitic beliefs. With Lindsay Wagner.
Director: Karen Arthur
Starring: Lindsay Wagner, J. Michael Flynn, Thomas Wilson-Brown, Gloria Carlin, Randy Quaid, Spencer Alston
(Made For TV, 1988, PG, 3 Star)

Judith Krantz's 'Till We Meet Again (Film)
Starring Hugh Grant, Courtney Cox, 'Till we meet Again' traces the lives and loves of a family shattered by hatred during one of the most turbulent periods in history, the 30's.
Director: Charles Jarrott
Starring: Michael York, Courteney Cox, Mia Sara, Lucy Gutteridge, Hugh Grant, Charles Shaughnessy
(Part 2, 1989, 15, 3 Star)

Romance on the Orient Express (Film)
En route to a business meeting in Paris, Lily Conrad boards the legendary Orient Express, where she is reunited with her ex lover. Can love blossom or is this more than a coincidence?
Director: Lawrence Gordon-Clark
Starring: Cheryl Ladd, Stuart Wilson, Renée Asherson, Ralph Michael, Ruby Wax, Julian Sands
(Made For TV, 1985, 3 Star)

The Aspen Murder Trial (Drama)
An innocent man is on trial for the rape and murder of a fifteen year old girl, only one man can help to clear his name. Sam Elliot and Perry King star in this thrilling mini-series.
(Part 2 of 3)
Judith Krantz's 'Till We Meet Again (Film)
Starring Hugh Grant, Courtney Cox, 'Till we meet Again' traces the lives and loves of a family shattered by hatred during one of the most turbulent periods in history, the 30's.
Director: Charles Jarrott
Starring: Michael York, Courteney Cox, Mia Sara, Lucy Gutteridge, Hugh Grant, Charles Shaughnessy
(Part 2, 1989, 15, 3 Star)

Netforce (Film)
Based on Tom Clancy's international bestseller, Brian Dennehey and Scott Bakula star in this explosive thriller in which the internet has become a war zone.
Director: Robert Lieberman
Starring: Scott Bakula, Joanna Going, Xander Berkeley, Brian Dennehy, Kris Kristofferson, CCH Pounder
(Part 1 of 2, Made For TV, 1999, 15, 2 Star)

The Kansas City Massacre (Film)
True story. After a notorious prison break, in which gangsters shoot dead several law enforcement agents, the FBI launches a relentless campaign to hunt down the killers. With Dale Robertson.
Director: Dan Curtis
Starring: Dale Robertson, Bo Hopkins, Scott Brady, Matt Clark, John Karlen, Lynn Loring
(Made For TV, 1975, 3 Star)

Murder in the Heartland (Film)
Over a few months in 1958, Charles Starkweather embarked on a killing spree. Along for the ride came his 14 year old girlfriend. This emmy nominated drama stars Tim Roth and Renee Zellweger.
Director: Robert Markowitz
Starring: Tim Roth, Fairuza Balk, Kate Reid, Brian Dennehy, Randy Quaid, Roberts Blossom
(Part 1 of 2, 1993, 15, 3 Star)

Trump Unauthorized (Film)
Trump Unauthorized is a drama following the colourful life of American mega-tycoon, who gained notability for his celebrity lifestyle and his real estate successes.
Director: John David Coles
Starring: Justin Louis, Saul Rubinek, Chris Potter, Ron McLarty, David Lipper, Richard Portnow
(Made For TV, 2005, 15, 2 Star)

Fighting the Odds
Based on the true story of a parole officer who decides she wants to give something back. She sets up a recovery programme for the children of incarcerated parents.