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Thread: Local card not fully read !

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    Local card not fully read !

    My config is working (finally ) with a small but : I could not decode all the channels I must have with my card ...

    Explain : with my config, client (MyTheatre on XP) is able to unlock 3 channels, perfectly (I can track the transfert of the ECM/EMM from the client to the server and back, YES ! ).

    Other channels of the same package : the request is even not sent from the client to the server, like if it "knows" server would not decode it.
    And yes there is a reason : the 3 channels have the same ECM/EMM = 020810, which one I can found in the initialisation of the card :
    Provider 1 02081 ....
    from .... class: ....
    from .... class: ....
    from .... class: ....
    Provider 2 02081 ....

    The other channels used a ECM/EMM like 020000, which I can not find back in the initialisation of the card. So it should be normal that the client does not know this card can decode that channel.

    Second point : when I look in the conditional access properties of my card in a "normal" decoder, I have for more than 3 "classes" ! (they are more than 10).
    Where are the other ?

    I think my problems are based on a reading issue of the card.
    How to configure GBox to read correctly my card ?
    Did I miss something in the cfg ?

    Help please !

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    Re: Local card not fully shared !

    Additional info :
    the card has 6 providers, all of them read by the GBox server :
    - 02081
    - 02082
    - 02083
    - 02084
    - 02085
    - 02086

    When I connect the GBox client on the server, it receives only 2 cards : 02081 and 02082.

    WHY not the others ????

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