Miniweb unlocks its TV Keys

Interactive specialist Miniweb launched its TV Keys system on BSkyB. TV Keys bridges the gap between the interactivity and easy targeting offered by the web and the ease of use and reach of TV, to deliver a rich and engaging, yet measurable and affordable advertising platform, says the company.

Companies are able to use a TV Key, which takes the shape of a distinctive icon that can incorporate brand names, words or phrases, in order to provide a memorable trigger for viewers to connect and engage with web-style content on TV Sites, delivered directly to the TV, rather than a PC.

The TV Key can be included in broadcast video or printed media just like a web site address so consumers can simply enter the TV Key with their TV remote control at any time to interact with the content or service.

“By combining web-style measurement and targeting with the high impact of television, Miniweb’s TV Keys enable companies to make the most of their advertising and marketing budgets. The launch of our TV Keys service into 9 million UK Sky homes means that interactive TV is now an important and viable part of the marketing mix,” said Andrew Noble, Marketing Director, Miniweb Interactive.

TV Keys can be purchased by geographic region, from the whole of the UK to a specific county, depending on the targeting requirements of a company or brand. TV Keys link the consumer with TV Sites, which reuse existing website content for use on the TV screen, bringing web-style economics, principles and interactivity to the living room.

“The launch of TV Keys is an important part of the Miniweb strategy to deliver innovative, standards-based interactive solutions that allow broadcasters, network operators, content owners and advertisers to easily and cost effectively deliver new value-adding services,” said Andrew Carver, CEO, Miniweb. “With TV Keys we are providing the consumer with the easiest route to interactivity from the comfort of a sofa without the need for a PC, enabling the broadest interactive experiences with a TV remote control.”