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Film Four

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Time Bandits (PG) 1981 A bemused English schoolboy meets various heroic and despotic characters from history as he's escorted on a bizarre journey through time. Terry Gilliam's marvellously offbeat fantasy comedy boasts an all-star cast, including Monty Python comrades John Cleese and Michael Palin. Sean Connery, Ian Holm, Ralph Richardson, David Warner, Craig Warnock and David Rappaport also appear (888)

The Raid (U) 1954 Van Heflin heads the cast of this dark, tense American civil war drama about a band of escaped confederate prisoners planning an attack on a Canadian border town. Their leader goes undercover as a businessman to get the lie of the land, but as he strikes up a relationship with a local widow and her son, he undergoes a crisis of conscience. With Anne Bancroft and Lee Marvin (888)

Bride and Prejudice (PG) 2004 Romantic Bollywood-style retelling of Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice. A mother is determined to find eligible bachelors for each of her daughters, and sparks soon fly when one of the girls encounters a haughty American. Gurinder Chadha's film boasts some impressively choreographed set pieces. Aishwarya Rai heads the cast, with Martin Henderson, Naveen Andrews and Indira Varma (888)

Volcano (12) 1997 A river of molten lava erupts onto the streets of Los Angeles, prompting by-the-book emergency expert Tommy Lee Jones to team up with intrepid scientist Anne Heche in a bid to save the city's residents. Action thriller, with Gaby Hoffmann, Keith David and Don Cheadle (888)

Adrift (15) 2006 Thriller in which a group of friends find their yachting trip turning into a nightmare. Having left the boat to swim in the ocean, they realise they have forgotten to put a ladder down leaving them miles out to sea with no way of getting back on board and the lonely cries of the unattended baby on deck only add to their plight. Eric Dane, Susan May Pratt and Richard Speight Jnr star (888)

Final Destination 2 (15) 2003 During a traffic jam, a teenage girl has a vision of a devastating motorway pile-up, which occurs for real, leading her to believe she has cheated death. But as time passes, her fellow road-users suffer unfortunate accidents, prompting her to suspect fate is trying to catch up with them. Blood-splattered horror sequel, starring AJ Cook, Michael Landes and Tony Todd (888)

El Aura (15) 2005 An epileptic taxidermist dreams of committing the perfect crime and, after he accidentally kills a lodge owner while on a hunting trip, is given the opportunity to participate in a heist and satisfy his longing. Thriller directed by Fabian Bielinsky, starring Ricardo Darin and Dolores Fonzi

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