Hello everyone , I am a noob when it comes to dreambox since its been only 1 week since i have gotten Dm-500.

The way it works here is that i haave gotten dm-500 and i am getting all free to air channels and also all incripted channels thru the internet . its called cccam 2.0 something.

The only problem is that i pay the person whom sold me this equipment to keep the incripted channels working every month.

I dont know how he is making my channels stop and start again ( when i pay to me ) because i know a bit about tech-support and he surely cant just get into my dreambox and shut it down , Maybe its all connected to a server and he can edit the users or something ( just guessing )

anyways i found this great forum and i would like to ask how it works and how can i get rid of paying everyone to that guy and still watch all channels.

i will be very thankful to u if u take some time out and explain / Help .

Thanks alot again and i know i am a noob here but do remember that everyone starts from somewhere :)

Zaheer .