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Thread: Firmware question

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    Firmware question

    Hi, i've had a sunny 7010 dci receiver standing around for a while although i never really used it for more than a few free channels here and there. Now, i've found a lot of information after reading up here on the forums, but i can't seem to make sense of it. I'm fairly new to the whole thing so prepare for some silly questions.

    I have all the equipment lying around for a firmware update. If i update my firmware to a more recent one (i noticed i have h/w v12.01.A5, i'm sure there's a compatible one in the list), will i have access to more channels? And what does TPS do specifically? What about encrypted channels, will it do anything for them?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Firmware question+ Laoder

    Dear sirs I would like to thank you for a nice site thanks for good work
    I have qoustion?
    I have a sunny reciver 10053. which Laoder I shall use and firmewere and which keybin?

    Maney thanks

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