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Film Four

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The Americano (U) 1955 Texan Glenn Ford is hired to transport a cargo of prize bulls to Brazil, only to find his client has been mysteriously murdered. The courageous visitor sets out to solve the crime, while fighting off a host of jungle predators, and still finds time for a spot of romance. Big-budget Western, which offers plenty of picturesque scenery among the dated action. Frank Lovejoy, Cesar Romero, Ursula Thiess and Abbe Lane also star (888)

The Raid (U) 1954 Van Heflin heads the cast of this dark, tense American civil war drama about a band of escaped confederate prisoners planning an attack on a Canadian border town. Their leader goes undercover as a businessman to get the lie of the land, but as he strikes up a relationship with a local widow and her son, he undergoes a crisis of conscience. With Anne Bancroft and Lee Marvin (888)

The Barefoot Contessa (PG) 1954 Three men gather at the funeral of Maria Vargas (Ava Gardner), a Spanish woman who, from humble beginnings, ended up being a Hollywood actress and finally a countess. Movie director Humphrey Bogart recalls how he made her a star, PR agent Edmond O'Brien remembers her doomed romance with a millionaire, while her aristocratic husband (Rossano Brazzi) contemplates the events that destroyed their marriage. Offbeat satirical drama, with Marius Goring (888)

Bogus (PG) 1996 A woman takes in a seven-year-old orphan who finds comfort in an imaginary friend, a gentle but giant Frenchman. As the trio's unusual relationship develops, the makeshift mother discovers her young guest has just as much to teach her about life. Heart-warming comedy, starring Whoopi Goldberg, Gerard Depardieu, Haley Joel Osment and Nancy Travis

Silent Hill (15) 2006 A young girl is haunted by disturbing dreams of the mysterious town of Silent Hill, so her mother takes her there to discover the cause. However, it is not long before the child has vanished without trace and sinister creatures start emerging from the shadows. Horror, based on the successful video game, starring Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean (888)

Asylum (15) 2005 An ambitious psychiatrist starts work at a mental institution, where his bored wife befriends a patient. However, when the disturbed man who murdered his former partner is given chores close to the family's home, their relationship becomes more serious. Gritty drama set in the 1950s, starring Natasha Richardson, Hugh Bonneville and Ian McKellen

Arlington Road (15) 1999 Suspicion and paranoia rule the day in this well-honed thriller, starring Jeff Bridges as a mild-mannered professor who becomes convinced there's something not quite right about his new neighbour. It's nothing he can put his finger on, but he decides to delve into his past regardless only to get a nasty shock. Tim Robbins, Joan Cusack and Hope Davis are among the co-stars milking the drama for all it's worth (888)

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