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Film Four

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Anne of the Indies (U) 1951 Jean Peters shines as a no-nonsense pirate who welcomes a French captain on board and promptly falls in love unaware he has been sent by the British to capture her. Jacques Tourneur's high-seas adventure, which deftly questions the gender roles of the genre without losing any of the snappy pace. Louis Jourdan, Debra Paget and Herbert Marshall also star (888)

Only Yesterday (PG) 1991 A bored and frustrated woman embarks on a heady trip down memory lane in this dreamy animated fantasy. She's sick of her routine life, but reminiscing about a foray into the countryside, she recalls a lost romance with a handsome farm labourer, prompting her to wonder what he's doing now. Directed by acclaimed film-maker Isao Takahata. Dubbed in English (888)

Bear Island (PG) 1980 United Nations scientists exploring the Arctic discover gold bullion in the wreck of a World War Two German submarine. However, they soon find themselves under threat from neo-Nazis who are determined to claim the priceless hoard for themselves. Thriller based on Alistair MacLean's novel, starring Donald Sutherland, Vanessa Redgrave, Christopher Lee and Richard Widmark (888)

Catch That Kid (PG) 2004 A plucky teenager racks her brains to think of a way of financing an operation for her father who was injured in a mountaineering accident, and eventually comes up with a daring plan to rob a bank with the help of friends. Comedy thriller, starring Kristen Stewart, Corbin Bleu, Max Thieriot and Jennifer Beals (888)

The Transporter (15) 2002 An underworld courier ends up battling his powerful employers when his conscience gets the better of him leading to a desperate struggle to bring down the villains' crooked business and stay alive. Action adventure, starring Jason Statham, who used his performances in Guy Ritchie's gangster films as a springboard to launch his Hollywood career. With Shu Qi, Matt Schulze and Francois Berleand (888)

Final Destination 2 (15) 2003 During a traffic jam, a teenage girl has a vision of a devastating motorway pile-up, which occurs for real, leading her to believe she has cheated death. But as time passes, her fellow road-users suffer unfortunate accidents, prompting her to suspect fate is trying to catch up with them. Blood-splattered horror sequel, starring AJ Cook, Michael Landes and Tony Todd (888)

Dick (12) 1999 While taking a guided tour of the White House during Richard Nixon's term of office, two dizzy teenage girls unwittingly stumble on a room packed full of national secrets and become caught up in a Presidential scandal. Harmless perky comedy, starring Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Williams and Dan Hedaya

Pickup on South Street (PG) 1953 Recently released convict Skip McCoy (Richard Widmark) picks the pockets of a woman, not realising she is a courier for the Communist underground, and inadvertently comes into possession of secret espionage plans. Skip gets out of his depth as romance blossoms between him and his victim, and the pair become embroiled in a complex Cold War plot. Crime thriller, also starring Jean Peters and Thelma Ritter (888)

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