What is Reorganizer? and why using it?
1. this is a directorie's files reorganizer which works under a filters control,
it searches all the files included on the source and its sub-directories and
sort them in folders depending on their extensions.
2. this tool will also inspect archives "[ZIP/RAR]" for a specific files or
strings as a signatures defined on the filters definitions,
for now it handels these two standard formats as a real inspection and perhaps
in the future it will be updated to use others [TAR&ARJ,..]
3. on this version, the program will help you to detect media information
specially for [.mp3/.wma] formats to gather [Artist & Title] & to group them
in folders under your filters specifications.

It can saves a lot of time specially if the number of the downloaded
files is very important.
*To see a sample use for this program, consult video demo on "HowTo.rar"

You may use this tool, but at your own risk!; i will not be liable to
any loss of data, profits, or any damage that causes this program.

Try this link: HERE
the source-code is already included, feel free to use & to modify !!
best wishes

v.0.3.4 - 21/11/2008 [RELEASED]
+ Features:
* Now you can insert items in filter at your desired position!
* For replaceable char, it conserns the unsupported characters
for renaming files like ('?',':',..), it also conserns the
files which have the same name so the program will preced the
new one by adding a number & the replaceable char.
so now you can choose to add your perefered one like "!".
unsupported chars are: ['?',':','/','\','|','<','>','*','"']
+ Possibility to delete corrupted images,(check images filter)
+ Searching media infos is on this Order, for better results:
[Artist, Title, Album, Comments, URL, Genre].
* there are *.mp3's which still unrecongnizable !
*oem strings on both *.rar/*.zip files can now be identified!
*some optimisations to use less memory & CPU usage.
*bug fixes for signatures treatment.
+ Update for filter & signature data base.
v.0.3.3 - 10/11/2008 [RELEASED]
+ Feature:
Now you can insert items in filter at your desired position!
+ Small FIX:
Signatures keeps order now in "ReOrganizer.ini" file, plus
a control to save signatures & accessing filters was added.
+ Update for filter & signature data base.
v.0.3.2 - 05/11/2008 [RELEASED] Better than ever!
+ Correction of CHARS on media information for both Win9x/NT.
+ Update of ID3Tag, now using v2.4
+ Handeling uncompleted files (*.temp;*.temp206) & *.dat files,
-Checking for Archives & Media Infos (mp3&wm audio only)-
+ Extending images filter (check IMAGES FILTER dialog to see)
+ Possibilty to clear log after each refresh.
+ Serious FIXES on sign definitions.
+ Update for filter & signature data base.
+ Exceptions Fix:
* Invalid floating point
* TProgressBar out of range
>Report any bugs, either if it stills raise these exceptions.
NB: the only attended exception is external, which generally
occurs whene the program is Abnormal terminated;
so to correct this problem, close program & delete these
two files (ID3v2.4.dll;unRAR3.80.dll) from "Windows\Temp"
v.0.3.1 - 01/11/2008 [NOT-RELEASED]
+ Feature!
Possibility to group/delete JPG/JPEG/GIF/BMP files depending
on their resolution.
+ FIX: Test of other archives using ASCII_Search_Methode.
+ Update for filter & signature data base.
v.0.3.0 - 31/10/2008 [NOT-RELEASED]
+ Feature!
Unrecognized (*.dat) files will now be analized as possible
as to be detected for [zip/rar] signatures.
+ ASCII_Search_Methode is now Faster than old routine.
+ Update for filter & signature data base.
v.0.2.9 - 30/10/2008 [NOT-RELEASED]
+ FIX: Zip Password protected files are now possible to be
identifed & filtred.
+ Update for filter & signature data base.
v.0.2.8 - 30/10/2008 [NOT-RELEASED]
+ [Text Definition] (addition):
Text can be either identified as an extension or a part of it,
or the exact file name.
+ Update for filter & signature data base.
v.0.2.7 - 25/10/2008 [RELEASED] More accurate than ever!
+ Possibility to select the definition of text to search on files,
& this search your signature to be identified either as a
text included or equal the file name or as an extension of it
& other criteria (see "Text Defintion" on sign dialog).
+ Duplicated files are preceded by: "x_" where x is the repeatition.
+ New format for the signatures & filters due to the new idea.
+ Update for filter & signature data base.
v.0.2.6 - 23/10/2008 [RELEASED]
+ BUG FIX: [when deleting signature, problem of filter reference]
+ BUG FIX: [logging status]
+ Update of filter & signature data base.
v.0.2.5 - 14/10/2008 [RELEASED]
+ Searching media infos is on this Order: [Genre, Artist, Title, Album, Comments]
+ Added ENTER key to run search on sign form
+ Added Self List ReOrdering [Maintain SHIFT & Move] On sign & filter forms
+ BUG FIX: [when deleting filter keys]
v.0.2.4 - 09/10/2008 [RELEASED]
+ Adding FILTER:
Now, you can specify for every signature the wanted
& unwanted files & group every one by creteria to its
own folder. this option works only on [Archives/MEDIA]
files, & it does'nt affect other extensions.
+ BUG FIX: [START/STOP]; when working & the user tries to
stop reorganization, program continue inspecting the
collected files until action is done;
So now, you stop & the program immediatelly HALT the search.
v.0.2.3 - 05/08/2008 [NOT-RELEASED]
+ Grouping files depending on their size
+ Possibilities to (Keep/Delete/Group) for found files
by selecting your appropriate action.
old versions are'nt released, they are for test only.