Russian plans for digital TV

Russia’s president Dmitriy Medvedev on Dec 3 held a working meeting with the prime minister Vladimir Putin to discuss prospects for the development of digital TV broadcasting.

Deputy prime minister Sergey Sobyanin and Minister of Telecommunications and Mass Communications Igor Shchegolev were also present at the meeting.

Mr Sobyanin, according to a BBC Monitoring report, said that he was proposing a system and programme that it in no way infringes on the interests of the population, leaving analogue broadcasting and introducing the digital form of broadcasting in parallel.

“At the first stage [we propose] to implement the programme in distant regions, primarily in the Far East and border areas. In addition to setting up a ground-based broadcasting network, [we propose] to give particular attention to the satellite group, which requires renovation,” said Sobyanin.

Mr Sobyanin added that construction of new satellites will start in 2010, and orbiting groups for digital broadcasting will be sent into space.