After more that 8 years happy usage of a humax 5400, I dropped the bloody thing, and it went belly-up. After plenty of research I decided to get a dreambox 7020 SI.
I fully understood the difficulty of the task that I had set for myself. The Humax system is very diffent to the Dreambox system. I read,and read again the many forum letters of various forumites on this site as well as many other and set to work with a purpose. I believe that I have made progress. Here is what I think that I have done effectively.

Boxman Image for DM 7020nfi No 0080526 on Flash using Dream-up 1_3_3_2. Using a null modem cable

On Multiboot I have putGemini 450 using Fl**sh Wiz**d 6.4b.Using a crossover cable

Settings Vhannibal Motor Nov.8 (motorised dish with usuals) with Fl**h Wiz**d.

My ftp is DCC 2.95: Flash F*P I am competent on both.

I believe that I have set up the Dreambox successfully as I have many free-to air stations from different satellites.

It is at this point that I have come to a stop.

I have ftp CC Cam 2.0.9 via the blue-panel button successfully? I have grave doubts.
I am suspicious that something is missing, for example: Script, Config or other files to make the cam work.

I have transferred Satan Tar.gz file again via the blue panel button. This diffinitely did not work for afterwards I still only got free-to-air pictures.

File permissions cause me to be unsure of myself, dispite a great deal of reading on the subject.

The greatest difficulty however is with the chmod values for the different files in the Dreambox Directories. The vast majority of my reading suggest that 755 is the magic number. But that does not appear to be true either.

Is it possible for you guys to put me on the right track or tracks. Particularly from the installation of softcams and keys and their chmod values.

By the way I do not have an internet connection at present as I am nearly through a six month phone contract which ends in earlyJanuary 2009.