Spain likes TV education

Education through the TV (T-Education) is an “excellent example” of the possibilities of interactive television for certain uses, the 3rd Interactivity and DTT Congress of Alcázar Digital heard last week.

The technology is ideal for such applications as language teaching or for some users such as carers who may have restricted access to the outside world.

T-Education is also a key way to promote the DVB standard in Latin American from Spain, the Congres heard.

These conclusions coincided with Spain's national public broadcaster launching its first interactive application to facilitate DTT access for the visually impaired. The application also helps them find employment.

The application is named 'Emplea-T Accesible' and is based in graphics and off-voicing to guide blind users.

At present the public broadcaster is working on a TV set prototype as the second phase of this project centred in the specification, prototyping and manufacturing of a digital TV set accessible to all disabled people. The job-finding application has been developed under the MHP standard by RTVE in collaboration with the National Employment Institute (INEM) and was tested for the first time on TVE's programme Aquí Hay Trabajo (Here There Is Work). This application allows users to consult around 1,500 daily job adverts.