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Thread: TV5 set for analogue return on UPC

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    Cool TV5 set for analogue return on UPC

    TV5 set for analogue return on UPC

    TV5 Monde will probably return to the basic analogue package on a number of UPC networks in The Netherlands in 2009. Earlier this year, the cable operator removed the channel completely from its analogue and digital tiers.

    The possible return is initiated by the so-called local programme councils that decide on the analogue packages. Following the removal of TV5 by UPC, a large number of these councils have now put the channel in the basic tier of 15 channels. By law, the operator is obliged to follow this list.

    UPC said earlier that it removed TV5 Monde because it couldn’t reach agreement on the conditions of carriage of the channel.

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    Re: TV5 set for analogue return on UPC


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