German 123TV goes mobile with Blucom

The German auction channel 123TV has gone mobile, using a new version of the Blucom fuinctionality for mobile phones. Viewers will be able to follow and bid during live auctions on their handests.

The new browser version of the interactive Blucom service has been available since the end of November. The browser allows to see the live video stream from123TV on a standard mobile phone. In addition the Blucom service offers the possibility to actively participate in the auctions on the channel.

Mobile phone users need to download the new Blucom player, which also boasts a new graphical user interface. “All the functions are intuitive and easy accessible by pressing a button to activate them,” according to channel 123TV.

Current Blucom users can upgrade their software for free; new users have to order the download per text message at a costs of €3.99. The service works on all UMTS and GPRS networks. Blucom is an interactive application from Astra Plattform Services (APS).