NDS to pay $8.3m in EchoStar case

A California District judge has ordered NDS to pay EchoStar $8.3 million in court costs following last May’s ruling against the security company.

NDS was found guilty of violating anti-piracy laws on just two counts. The decision awarded EchoStar’s Dish Network just $1,500 in statutory damages, far less than the $1 billion that had been sought by the US DTH operator.

In a court statement released on Monday, NDS was also awarded costs, but will have to pay the EchoStar fees because its own expenses were less than those of the satellite operator.

An EchoStar statement suggested the company is now more than prepared to put the incident behind it. “We are pleased that both NDS and DISH Network can put this issue behind us and hope that we can collectively with other industry players work to ensure signal security in the future.”

NDS stood accused of maliciously hiring a team of hackers in order to crack the Nagra technology used by Dish. At the time the News Corp-company described the charge as “baseless”.