Simply Movies launch on Sky and Freesat

Simply Media has announced the launch of the new film channel Simply Movies as a free-to-air service on Sky and Freesat. The channel will offer classic movies for an older audience.

According to Simply Media, a TV mail order business, the new channel will reach “older audiences that are often neglected by TV programmers,” targeting advertisers looking to reach the older generation. Many of the nostalgic films include stars such as Gene Hackman, Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Sellers, Goldie Hawn, Anthony Hopkins and Jack Lemmon.

“Launching a TV channel based on some of the titles from Simply Home Entertainment (SHE) is something we have been planning since acquiring the company last year” said Henry Scott, CEO of Simply Media, in a statement. “SHE has a large and loyal database that we can use to promote the channel.

This will open up new streams of revenue for the business as we become able to use it as a platform for advertisers. The TV channel and the mail order catalogue will also be able to cross promote each other in order to increase recruitment and expose new products and information.”