SES Astra goes Beyond with Eurosat

Satellite operator SES has signed a major reseller deal with satellite equipment distributor Eurosat for the marketing and sales of Astra’s satellite-based broadband service.

Eurosat will market Astra’s broadband-by-satellite service, Astra2Connect, under Eurosat's brand name BeyonDSL in the UK and Ireland. The theory is to seek interest from the tens of thousands of UK consumers, mostly rural, who have little or no prospect of getting a DSL connection terrestrially.

Astra2Connect was launched in early 2007 and is now available in eleven countries throughout Europe. Marketed via wholesalers and internet service providers to the residential market, ASTRA’s fully satellite-based solution for broadband access is an innovative service that offers a highly reliable, always-on, two-way broadband internet access, including internet telephony, for flat service fees. The customer premises equipment – a modem and a satellite dish – is low cost and delivered with a tool for easy self-installation.

“Thanks to our agreement with Eurosat BeyonDSL, we have added another European country to our map for Astra2Connect,” said Norbert Willems, MD at Astra Broadband Services. “Even in countries with a high DSL penetration like the UK, there are still many regions without terrestrial broadband access. With download speeds of up to 2Mbps now available, Astra2Connect is a unique possibility for those households where terrestrial high-speed internet is not immediately available.”

Based in the UK, Eurosat is a distributor and developer of satellite, television and communication equipment. SES is one of the world's largest commercial satellite operators selling transmission capacity to the likes of BSkyB.