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Thread: HOT PCI-Express DVB-S2 Card

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    the DVB-S2 PCI-E CA&CI TV card is one of the best solutions for you to enjoy Satellite paytv with subsribe smartcard shows on your PCs.DW2005 supports HDTV, Digital Radio, Internet via Satellite, and many other powerful features. The high-tech silicon tuner has a longer life expectancy and it brings your digital TV quality to the next level of visual entertainment.

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    Re: HOT PCI-Express DVB-S2 Card

    can you tell why there is power socket on card?

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    Re: HOT PCI-Express DVB-S2 Card

    It likely has the Molex Connector for the same reasion the SSHD2 has it.
    The Card doesn'thave the means to draw the power needed to power the LNB's / Router from the PCI Slot, or in this instance a PCIe x1 Slot.

    It's very possible to damage both the Card and the Mainboard if you attempt to drive say a Router w/o this addional Powersource...

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