M6 Group, Canal+ claim web victories

The results of study Panel Internet France, show that M6 Groupís position on the web has grown 11% since October.

Part of the fifteen most popular web actors in France, M6 Group websites reached 12 million unique visitors. Catch up TV service M6 Replay attracted 2 million visitors for 10 million videos viewed.

The group, which has opted for dedicated theme portals, is also reporting that home website Deco.fr attracted 410,000 unique visitors in its first month while car-oriented Turbo.fr passed the 650,000 mark. M6 is also active into websites clubic.com (new media), jeuxvideo.fr, video sharing platform wideo.fr and price comparison achetezfacile.com.

Meanwhile, website Canalplus.fr posted an 84% growth in visitors in October compared to September 2008, reaching 3.879 million unique visitors. The site scored a total of 34,621 pages viewed, up 92 % compared to the previous month.