Sirius-XM: Looking for 28m subs

Sirius-XM might be struggling financially, and the collapse of the US auto trade doesnít help confidence, but nevertheless as far as the longer term is concerned, the satellite pay-radio broadcaster reckons it can achieve more than 28m subs by 2013.

Sirius-XMís managers admit that things may be more sluggish than expected in 2008 and 2009, but it still expects to finish this year with 19.1m subscribers. This is down on earlier expectations of 19.5m. In 2009 the company is projecting that it will have 20.6m subs, again down from a previous estimate of 21.5m.

Looking further forward, the broadcaster forecasted that it could end 2010 with 22.1m customers, and 24m by the end of 2011. Longer-term projections include 26.2m satellite radio subscribers in 2012, and 28.4m in 2013.