Hello from Miami.
I am looking for about 2 weeks for a possibility to find a bin for a dsr 5003 plus/coship 2300,boston etc and its clones,or for a vantage 101s,or a comag sl 55 which I am using right now. ,I tried various sites and found bins for az box, viewsat,coolsat etc,nothing for my receivers.
My question, or wish :) is the following:would anybody be so kind to either extract for me the bin lines that open 7211 respectively 7311 in the appropriate receivers to insert them in a dsr 5003 plus file or could anybody be so kind to modify a dsr 5003 bin file (which i have for various european and even dish network etc and include the telefonica patch in the european file?
thanx a lot !!!!! I really would appreciate it.