iPlayer series stacking arrives on cable

The series stacking feature of BBC iPlayer is now available on Virgin's digital cable TV service.

A new "series catch up" option has been added to the iPlayer's cable home screen, bringing functionality that has been present on the web version of the content on demand system since September to cable. Multiple episodes of selected BBC series will be available on the cable iPlayer until seven days after the final episode has been broadcast on a linear BBC television channel.

"Development for TV platforms is a much greater challenge than for the PC," commented TV iPlayer project manager Gideon Summerfield in a post on the BBC's internet blog. "The set-top boxes (STBs) that run our Red Button stuff are made for linear TV and there's not much power to drive anything else. PCs, by contrast, are powerful, easily upgraded and almost universally support standards like HTML, Javascript and Flash."

Summerfield added that Virgin and the BBC's technology partner Red Bee Media "must also be recognised for their efforts in helping to sync all our systems to make BBC iPlayer on cable TV a reality".