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She Married Her Boss (U) 1935 Claudette Colbert plays a secretary who enthusiastically accepts a marriage proposal from her boss Melvyn Douglas. The new bride is soon disappointed though when she finds herself being taken for granted by her new husband, looked down upon by her in-laws and forced to contend with a spoiled stepdaughter. Romantic comedy, also starring Jean Dixon and Raymond Walburn

Moulin Rouge (PG) 1952 Stylish biopic exploring the life and love affairs of famed painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Jose Ferrer's portrayal of the artist is superb, but the real star of the film is Colette Marchand, who won an Oscar for her performance as Marie Charlet, a prostitute he becomes infatuated with. Produced and co-written by John Huston and based on a best-selling fictionalised biography by Pierre La Mure. Zsa Zsa Gabor and Peter Cushing co-star (888)

The Iron Petticoat (U) 1956 Bob Hope stars as a US Air Force officer who tries to convince renowned Russian pilot Katharine Hepburn of the benefits of life in the West. Enjoyable military comedy hampered by a few bumpy patches, but the sparks fly between leading pair Hope and Hepburn surprising really, since their off-screen relationship was notoriously acrimonious. James Robertson Justice and Robert Helpmann co-star (888)

In Good Company (15) 2004 A senior, middle-aged executive has to defer to an arrogant, baby-faced whizz-kid after a corporate takeover, and his sense of pride is further dented when the new boss starts to date his daughter. Satirical comedy, starring Dennis Quaid, Topher Grace, Scarlett Johansson and Marg Helgenberger

Failure to Launch (12) 2006 A thirtysomething man has no intention of leaving the family nest, so his exasperated parents hire a woman who earns a living enticing stay-at-home men to fall in love with her and then spread their wings. Romantic comedy, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew McConaughey, with Kathy Bates and Zooey Deschanel (888)

To Die For (15) 1995 Gus Van Sant's acerbic black comedy features a fantastic lead performance from Nicole Kidman as an ambitious small town woman with a lifelong obsession of becoming a TV star. A job at a local TV station seems like the first step on her journey to the top. But when her husband announces his desire to start a family, she realises he has to go so she can pursue her dream and persuades her dim-witted teenage lover to murder him. Also starring Matt Dillon and Joaquin Phoenix (888)

Ask the Dust (15) 2006 Salma Hayek stars in this romantic drama as a Mexican immigrant in Thirties Los Angeles, who hopes to improve her lot in life by finding a wealthy American husband. Instead she strikes up an unlikely romance with a naive repressed man who dreams of literary success. Chinatown writer Robert Towne's adaptation of John Fante's novel, also starring Colin Farrell and Donald Sutherland

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