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Thread: Dragon Team please come back!

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    Dragon Team please come back!

    This is a open message to the Dragon Team for years you have supplied us with support to Dragon and T-REX Supermodule and has been a long time letting the Diablo Cam rule the sat scene and personally I cannot stand Duolabs so I asking for the Dragon Team to come back once again and bring us something for all of us to be proud of our investments it is all very well people should get Dreamboxes or whatever but I want the good old days back since I miss it very much so please make a return and give us what we want it has been a long time coming I know I can never determine the next firmware release but I know these modules still have the ability to make the Diablo look ordinary it has happened before and can't see it not being achieved once again so guys if you are reading this the time has come to give us the goods and kick Diablo into touch.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Dragon Team please come back!

    wake wake up dragon team!!!

    why dragon team is dead why not a new predator why not a new channels or bouquets in predator firmware. Months and months are passed and dragon team sleeping and not an available new predator 3.70 or 3.71.

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    Re: Dragon Team please come back!

    Please find something....

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    Re: Dragon Team please come back!

    Quote Originally Posted by alfy1 View Post
    Please find something....

    what you mean

    PS: des commentaire en français sont les bien venu

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