France TV must declare own ad ban

The situation is totally unexpected and somewhat ridiculous. French minister of Culture and Communication Christine Albanel has sent Patrick de Carolis a letter on Monday evening asking him to declare himself the public service broadcasting partial ad ban as of January 5 of 2009.

The article regarding the partial ad ban was adopted last Friday in Parliament by 30 deputies vs 18 (out of a total of 577 deputies) but the project will not be discussed in Senate before January 7. Too late to get the law enacted before January 5.

The government, which has left aside the idea of legislating by decree, is now requesting France Télévisions’ President de Carolis take the initiative to himself renounce advertising, as France Télévisions’ administration board is meeting soon.

According to the minister of Culture “this decision will not be negative for the company since the €450M compensation is written down into the finance act.”

While a majority (65%) of the French people think the ad ban is a positive thing, 74% of them are against the nomination of PSB bosses by the French President.