Internet TV on consoles popular in 09?

A new report focusing on what is unlikely to happen in 2009 is forecasting a bright year for games consoles and their ability to offer streamed video into living rooms.

In a section of the partially tongue-in-cheek “What’s NOT Going To Happen in 2009” report from ABI Research, the compny forecasts that over-the-top video to the TV will not rule the world, but perhaps will take over a nation state or two.

The biggest hurdle to getting online video to the TV continues to be the network, although things have moved at “lightning speed” in 2008.

“The most successful living-room web video solutions will be the game consoles, both in 2009 and beyond,” says the report. “Netflix streaming to the Xbox 360 is seeing rapid adoption, and while Microsoft is not releasing numbers, we expect of the 12 million or so Xbox Live users, at least 1 million or so will try the Netflix streaming service in 2009.”

Services such as these won’t be popular with the US’s cable operators, however. Providers may try to combat direct-to-consumer services using bandwidth caps but, says the report, “we expect that an equally likely scenario is for them to eventually integrate Hulu and other services into their set-top box platforms.”

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