Portugal in the dark on DTT

In spite of Portugal's government having already distributed its DTT licences (Portugal Telecom having gained the main ones), most of the country's population remain ignorant of the new technology.

According to the Communications Observatory (OBERCOM) 52.8% of those asked don't know about it or they don't respond to the question. Also 71.5% don't know what digital TV is about and 68.7% consider there is a lack of actions towards explaining to users what this new audiovisual technology implies and what the switch over is.

Also, 17.4% doubt the switch over is ever going to happen and 82.5% believe the consumer should not pay for the necessary equipment to recceive it.

As for the potential of DTT 95.5% of those interviewed consider "very useful" or at least "useful" a better image given by digital television while 83.4% highlight a better sound.