Deluxe TV launches HDTV channel

German TV broadcaster Deluxe Television has launched a music channel in high-definition. Deluxe Lounge HD, which is currently available on the cable network of Kabel BW in regional state Baden-Württemberg, will be rolled out to further platforms in the coming months.

The pay-TV service will be distributed free-to-air by Kabel BW until early 2009, when the signal will be encrypted. The commercial-free channel screens lounge and downbeat music accompanied by nature and landscape recordings. Deluxe Lounge HD only shows content originally produced in high-definition with no up-converted material.

“Deluxe Lounge HD wants to offer pure relaxation for eyes and ears, a modern product, which won’t bother its viewers with low quality content,” said Markus Langemann, founder and CEO of Deluxe Television.

The Munich-based broadcaster wants to extend the distribution of its HDTV service to further markets. “Deluxe Lounge HD is a channel which we will offer on all platforms from mobile TV and video-on-demand to download services,” said Cosmin Ene, co-founder and COO of Deluxe Television.